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The Hip Arthroscopy Clinic is based at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and the BMI Meriden Hospital. We look after NHS and private patients at the two hospitals respectively.

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Physiotherapy is an integral part of the process of recovery for patients undergoing hip arthroscopy.

Broadly the aims of the rehabilitation process are to restore:

And thereby to aid the return to full activity (including sport) based on individual needs. For ease this protocol is divided into 4 stages:

Stage I – The protected weight bearing stage

This should be followed whilst the patient is using walking aids, and may last 2 – 6 weeks dependant on the level of surgical intervention. These exercises are aimed at restoring range of movement, maintaining muscle function whilst allowing tissue healing and pain to settle.

Stage II – Intermediate exercises

Once fully weight bearing and experiencing minimal levels of discomfort these exercises may be commenced with the guidance of the Chartered Physiotherapist. Ideally range of movement in the involved hip should be at least 85% of the uninvolved side. Exercises taught in this stage are aimed at restoring and maintaining movement, promoting normal walking patterns, strengthening muscle and improving balance reactions. There is a strong focus on core stability work at this stage.

Stage III – Advanced exercises

These exercises should only be commenced when range of movement is full, walking is normal and pain free and muscle strength is greater than 70% of the uninvolved side in all directions. The goals of this stage are the restoration of muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and the improvement of balance reactions. Return to social sport should be possible at this stage.

Stage IV – Sports specific training

Not all patients require rehabilitation to this level. Those who take part in competitive sport will certainly benefit from further strengthening and more sports specific exercise. Training regimes for this stage should be developed in conjunction with sports club physiotherapists or personal trainers.